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Kande i pindsvineglas 2 liter – New brown med guldhank

Endnu én af de smukke mundblæste kander i pindsvineglas fra Anna Von Lipa. Denne har hank af 24 karats guld. Vi har det største udvalg af farver i vores sortiment, så der er god mulighed for at finde lige den farve du ønsker. Ligeledes kan kanderne passede matches op med de skønne mundblæste pindsvineglas, ligeledes fra Anna von Lipa.

The jug holds 2 litres.

H: 23 cm

Ø: 15,5 cm

Weight: 1400 g



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Anna von Lipa glass

The porcupine glass pitcher is made of crystal and is one of the top models from Anna von Lipa. It is handmade and mouth-blown. When making the jug, a unique iron mould is used - then the jugs are hand-blown. There is a part of the color which is called underlaid color. This means that a dark colour is mixed with clear crystal. Not all of the old glassworks can make this light colour and you will often see many dark colours and classic colours such as royal blue, dark amber and royal blue. Anna von Lipa has been good at developing many beautiful colours and patterns.

The story of the Hedgehog Glass series.

The series is produced in Bohemia in the Czech Republic and is made in one of the old glassworks, where proud craftsmen with special traditions still work. It is their special water and sand which is the main ingredient in the creation of the whole series. When a glass or jug is to be made, the glassworks get a carpenter to make a wooden mould. They are used both to help shape and pattern. It's a long process to make a hand-blown crystal glass or pitcher. First, the ingredients for the glass have to be mixed, the kiln has to be prepared, the mold has to be made, the glass has to be blown, excess glass has to be cut off, the edges have to be fired and re-sharpened and then they get the vinegar bath. Therefore, this glass also costs a little more than a mass-produced glass and yet the price is still away at the cheap end. As these are mouth blown glasses, they can vary slightly in thickness. You have to love the variety and accept that there may be air bubbles and that is part of the charm. All Anna von Lipa mouth-blown glasses are dishwasher safe. We recommend that you do not wash them at more than 40 degrees and avoid long drying programmes. At the same time, make sure your dishwasher's salt and rinse balance is in place.


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Weight 1400 g
Size 16 × 16 × 23 cm