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Silk chicken - pink

Silk Easter chicken from Sissel Edelbo made from leftovers from Sissel Edelbo's kimono production.



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At the core of Sissel Edelbo's products - is a great love for Indian culture. Delaver their products of old vintage saris and they all tell a story about the beautiful women who have worn them.

The beautiful silk Christmas decorations from Sissel Edelbo are so decorative in the beautiful colors and patterns. Hang them on the Christmas tree, beautiful fairy branches, decorate with them on the table or in a bowl. Hang them in small silk strings in the window to create atmosphere. You can also use them as a nice little detail on your Christmas gift wrapping. All the beautiful birds, hearts, angels, candy canes and mushrooms are made from sustainable silk from used saris. They are made from the surplus and leftover fabrics of the various dresses, bags and shirts in Sissel Edelbo's collection. So these are sustainable Christmas decorations that you can keep and bring back year after year.

They come in assorted colours and you can write in the comment field if you have special requests. We'll try to accommodate. There are many different colors, so write light or dark.


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Weight 50 g
Size 7 × 8 cm