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Fork - Pop solid

The most beautiful cutlery from the "pop" series - mix and match in this favourite colour and create the most beautiful table setting.

“Pop”-serien er designet med inspiration fra de glade 60’ere – i både udtryk og de fine farver.

Playful and fun, you can mix all the different styles from the POP series. There are lovely polka dots, checks, stripes, flowers and the solid colours.

Choose your favourite colours from the almost 6 colours of cutlery available.

Mål: 21,5 cm

Materiale: Rustfritstål med akrylhåndtag.

Kan gå i opvaskemaskinen på max 45 grader

Tåler ikke mikroovn og ovn.

kr. 110,00

The delicious cutlery is produced in France.

The designer behind it is Pascale and since 1993 he has been producing cutlery of different styles but with the common denominator that each series is produced in a myriad of colours.

Pascale was the son of a family of goldsmiths and at a very young age became absorbed in the art of setting a pretty table. He started producing cutlery with the desire to combine good craftsmanship and his sense of colours, materials and shapes.

Today he runs the production together with his wife Francis.

Among other things, the couple broke with convention when they created the first cutlery in gingham design, bringing what was associated with picnic cutlery into everyday use. They are also known for presenting their cutlery as if it were a bouquet of many colourful flowers.








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Weight 200 g


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