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Velvet cushion 50×60 - LUCY olive/mint

Smuk pude fra Christina Lundsteen i endnu en skøn farvekombination.

Spice up your home with these stylish, high-quality cushions.

All cushions are sewn in Denmark.

Size: 50×60 cm with animal-friendly and bacteria-free down filling.

kr. 999,00

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Chistina Lundsteen is a Danish powder designer with a focus on delicious colour combinations and a sense of detail. Since 2006, her cushion collection has existed and both then and now, Christina finishes every single cushion herself. Today the collection consists of over 100 different cushions and all come in a limited number - These are unique cushions.

The production takes place in Denmark and all the fabric comes from different places in Europe. In addition, the down filling is both animal-friendly and bacteria-free.

With cushions from Christina Lundsteen you can really spice up your living room and bedroom with great colours and quality.




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