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Swirl longdrink glass - pink

The perfect drinking glass, similar to the popular swirl glass from the "mix & match" series. This one is tall and slim.

H: 14 cm - Ø: 7 cm - Contains: 400 ml

The colours are: Pink and dark amber.


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There is no doubt that this mouth-blown tumbler glass in swirl glass - is one of the top models from Anna von Lipa. It has become part of the series where you can mix and match more than 70 different glasses. There are currently 4 models which are swirl, bamboo (grooves along the length), wave (waves) and harlequin(diamonds). There is a new model in the pipeline called "snake".

The "Mix & Match" series is produced in Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is hand-blown in one of the old glassworks, where proud craftsmen with special traditions still work. Their special water and sand is an important ingredient in the creation of the whole series. So the sand is an important ingredient in the glass itself. For each glass or jug, a carpenter makes a wooden mould, which is used for pattern and size. It is a long process to make a hand blown crystal glass or jug. There are many steps in the process, including mixing the glass, preparing the kiln, making the mould, blowing the glass, cutting off excess glass, firing the edges and finishing the glass. Therefore, this glass costs a little more than a mass produced glass. However, the price is still away at the cheap end, for a piece of craftsmanship. Since these are hand blown glasses, they can vary slightly in thickness and how many swirls there are on a glass. You have to love the variety and accept that there can be air bubbles and that is part of the charm. All the mouth-blown glasses from Anna von Lipa are dishwasher safe.

H: 14 cm - Ø: 7 cm - Contains: 400 ml

The colours are: Pink and dark amber.




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